TEC s.r.l. is located in Castelfidardo in the heart of a hard-working area which has been the engine of economic development in the Marche Region. For 35 years TEC has been a thriving manufacturer of abrasives and polishing products.

The company manufactures and processes paper and cloth abrasive products for all commercial and industrial applications, and especially for the woodworking and metalworking industries. Our products are available in a great variety of formats: rolls, belts, bands, sheets and disks. Tec also offers a wide range of products and accessories.

TEC is the world's leading manufacturer of abrasive flap belts, sizing machine belts, and discs for wood and metal conditioning.

With 1,300 m2 of the company's 2,000 m2 of surface area dedicated to manufacturing and administrative facilities, TEC is capable of satisfying the widest range of needs with fast, accurate and cost-effective service and deliveries. All this is made possible through the selection of superior materials, advanced product engineering, and the manufacture of products with special cost-performance ratios. Naturally, TEC has built its operations on firm foundations: extensive experience in the field, highly qualified personnel, and state-of-the-art facilities.